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Sketches (by Glen Keane) and final animation

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I might go to Broadway to see Wicked for the first time ever!!! I’m really excited.

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Dig them up; let’s finish what we’ve started
Dig them up, so nothing’s left untouched

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My boyfriend gave Murphy and I a little photoshoot during our daily yoga practice :)

That last one is just perfect.

As much as yoga has been irking me lately (lolololololol) this is adorable and I do miss practicing.

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bucky must have talked to that girl for hours; listing all the good things he thinks about steve rogers


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One of the most disturbing scenes in Disney’s “Aladdin” is when Jasmine must pretend to seduce Jaffar in order to distract him. The clothing that the animators chose to put her in, complete with the shackles, are all a white, colonial wet dream. And she’s the only Disney princess who’s had to use her body in this way to distract someone. Then there’s this scene in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” where Esmeralda is shimmying her hips and breasts and basically ends with a pole-dance sequence: a far cry from the delicate waltzes and pirouettes that Belle and Aurora dance. The simultaneous fascination and revulsion that Whiteness has for WOC bodies are unmistakably evident in Disney’s posturing of Jasmine and Esmeralda.

The Jasmine Diaries Part II: ‘Exotic’ is not a Compliment

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A perfect example of “desert flower” fetishization/exotification. Women of color are always shown as “others”, they’re seen as women who have to use their sexuality to save themselves (or worse, as people who are just inherently sexual by their mere existence).

We’re putting these sexualized images of women of color into cartoons meant for children, essentially brainwashing them to grow into adults who fetishize non-white women. Gross.

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Make Me Choose: Hellfire or Out There

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My makeup I wore today to greet New York City!

My makeup I wore today to greet New York City!

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Disney one-liners we never forget.

I will forever reblog

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